5th Annual Meeting March 6&7, 2014

Moffit Cancer Center, Tampa, Florida

Hosted by the Moffitt Flow Cytometry Core Facility




March 6  12:00-1:30       Core Manager's Luncheon (registration required)

March 6    1:30-5:00       Core Manager's Workshop (registration required)

1:30-2:30         Zip Kruger Gray, University of Miami, "Writing a business management
 for your core"

2:30-3:30        Roundtable Discussion

3:00-3:15        Break

3:15-4:00        Jonni Moore, University of Pennsylvania, "Taking cytometry education to
next level: Welcome to Cyto University"

4:00-4:45         Michael Meyer, University of Pittsburgh, "Cell sorting conditions for
                        genomic applications"


March 6    6:00-9:00       Opening Reception (registration required)
                                                Open bar and heavy hors d'oeuvres


March 7    9:00-5:00       General Session (registration required)

Flow in the South

9:00-9:10         Welcome and introductions

9:10-9:40         Faith Wiley, Georgia Regents University- "Use of flow cytometry to
                        examine cell cycle arrest as a potential indicator of the toxin responsible
                        for avain vacuolar myelinopathy (AVM)"


9:40-10:10       Alicja Copik, University of Central Florida- "NK cell immunotherapy of

10:10-10:30     Break

10:30-11:00     Adam Mailloux- Moffitt Cancer Center- "Utilizing the advantages of flow
                        cytometry to assay for NK cytotoxicity against multiple targets in a
                        single system"


11:00-11:45     Frank Traganos, New York Medical College, "Molecular reporters of DNA
 damage detected by flow cytometry"

11:45-2:45       Vendor presentations with box lunches

The World of Flow Cytometry

2:45- 3:30        Vince Shankey – Biotechnology Consultant- "Multi-color, multi-parameter
                        high-throughput flow cytometry for drug screening"  

3:30-4:15         Steve Perfetto, NIH-NIAID, "Compatibility of panel development and
                        inter-instrument quality control using an LED pulse laser"

4:15 - 5:00       Alan Waggoner, Carnegie Mellon University, "Fluorescent biosensors for
                        cell regulation pathways"



FloCyte will present their Multiparameter DNA Analysis course on March 5th, click to the left for more information.